Video Project #2


Thank you for watching!


Making video project #2

We already took many shots for team viedo project #2. So we discussed about editing the video.

I installed the Moviemaker Windows to edit whole shots. My teammate took a shot for me. Editing the rough video was completed soon. All teammates made their opinion to complete video project.

First, we paste the shots together. We delete the NG shots and useless shots.

Second, we put some captions on it. They will help viewers to understand the role of the characters.

Third, we put narration an background music. They will help viewers to understand the situations.

Last, we put ending credit on the last part of the video.

Finally we could complete the video making. Please enjoy yourself with our video.



Rough for Video Project #2


We met in 왕십리 station on December 4.

We decided to shoot team video that introduces delicious sushi restaurant in 왕십리 and we wanted to go 스시도쿠 at first time.

However they were having some break time for dinner section.

Instead of 스시도쿠, we decided to visit 청년초밥.

Every teammate took their own role for our team video and I took the master chef in 청춘초밥.

The reporter, ofcourse one of my teammates, asked me how to make delicious sushi and soy sauce and I answered the questions.

The situation was awkward for me and I was nervous for a little, but soon I got used to the situation.

I appreciate the my teammates’ effort on cold day.